Friday, July 15, 2011

Letter #8

Dear Mr. X,

Did you go see the final Harry Potter movie last night?  Because I did!  Epic Epicness at its best, huh love?

Ok, so I don't know how you might feel about the series.  You may not even care so much, but I've been a fan ever since that day when I was ten years old and sick in bed with the flu.  That was the day I picked up my copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which I had gotten for Christmas, began reading it and promptly fell in love with it.  I am the girl who wanted to be Emma Watson so bad when I first heard the movies were coming out (I am only a month or so older than her).  I also had a bit of remorse when I was eleven, knowing full well that I wouldn't be getting a letter from Hogwarts.

But I digress.  Living in a fantasy world isn't the best idea, and besides, it is here in the real world where you and I both live, and where we will fall in love.

So I am thinking about A again.  I haven't talked to him or anything, but he is definitely on my mind.  I just really want to see him again.  I miss him like crazy.

It's fun to be single, but it's a little scary too.  Scary because every day it seems like more and more of the good guys are taken and thus more of the remaining guys out there are jerks.  Now you Sweetheart, are not a jerk, but since I haven't found you yet  I still have to live with this perpetual dread of being pursued.

Look, I am a romantic, and one of my greatest dreams is to be pursued by the man of my dreams (or something like that), but to get to the diamonds in the rough, you have to go through a lot of dirt, and by dirt I mean men who just won't work.

Unfortunately, I have had my heart bent too many times, and I have also been pursued by outright jerks who want nothing more than to have sex with me.  It's disgusting, and sometimes it's hard to tell a genuine guy from a jerk.  What's the good of being pursued if you feel like a piece of meat rather than someone's beloved?

That being said, I can be quite picky, and I like to think that the reason I am this way is so that I can find the man that God wants me to be with rather than settling for the first man that comes along.

But, it is scary at times.  When you see girls your age getting married every day, you keep wondering if perhaps waiting wasn't the best idea, but since I've waited this long, I must keep going.  Whether it's A, the future B and C, or some other guy that I have no clue about yet, I will find you one day, and at last all of these crazy little thoughts of mine will be safely tucked away in the past.

To the Day You Find Me,

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