Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Letter #12

Dear Mr. X,

I know that as you are reading this it isn't a terribly big deal since the chances are that you read my last letter to you perhaps a week ago, but I am so sorry that I haven't written to you in over a month-and-a-half.  Things have just been so crazy for me.  I finished up my summer program in Montana at the end of July and then we drove back and I just wasn't feeling inspired on the road trip back to Georgia.  And then when I got back I had to get ready to move down to school and ever since I've been busy with school work and...well, I'm sure you understand.

Regardless, I have definitely missed writing these letters for you, and I am glad that I am sitting here right now.  I am on a bench at school waiting for the senior picnic to begin, and later today I will be going to work (yep, I have managed to get a job down here at school which makes me incredibly happy and relieved).

Don't worry, I haven't completely stressed myself out over the past month.  I have found plenty of things to feel good about.  I got to see my cousin once more on my way down to GA and I am hoping to go see her again sometime soon.  Also, I went up to North Georgia one day and had an exciting yet terrifying encounter with a water snake (nonvenomous, but still).

I am trying to take it easy, but I am not going to lie, I have set myself up for a challenging semester, and once I get through all of this, the rest of my college career will be simple compared to what I am dealing with right now.  I am anxious though.  It's a big mad world out there and I am going to go out into it at the end of this year.  It's scary knowing that a year from now, I don't have the clearest idea of where I will be.

I wish I could know you now.  I wish that we could meet and I wish that I could hear your encouragement because this idea of my life is easily one of the most frightening.  However, I don't really have a choice in this and I can only hope that the reason that I don't know who you are is because we are not ready for each other yet.  I have to remember that this story is about us and not just me or you.  On the day we meet, or if we have met the day we realize we were meant for each other, it will be like destiny because God is waiting for just the right moment to make the magic happen.  If I met you today and it was not the right time, there is a good chance that I would fail to recognize you, even though I claim that I wouldn't, but I just hope and pray that God grants us both the patience as we wait on each other.  It's a lot like this letter.  Yes, a month did pass by and I didn't write, but it was not because I do not care.  It is because there were other things that needed to be focused on before I could use my energy to write as I am doing right now.

And I know you think that all of this rambling I've been doing about not writing you for a month is silly, and it probably is.  However, I just wanted to let you know that I am still here.  I am still going to write to you even if I get busy, and I care.  With all of my heart, I care.

All my love,

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